Digital Signage Events 

From film festivals and rock concerts to political rallies and bike races to rodeos and family reunions, a mobile "video wall" or modular LED screen from HIT Media is the perfect addition to your next event. Ever since SONY™ wowed audiences with their spectacular Jumbotrons™ in Times Square, LED video have become the most popular and effective way for event organizers to thrill the audience and their sponsors! From a few of hours to a week or longer event, from one screen to multiple screens on location or in different cities, HIT Media is here to provide you with the expertise and commitment to create an experience, your event.

We have built our team and our reputation on the best ideas, best talent, best resources and most creative solutions. HIT Media is a unique company that merges high art, intelligent business technology and professional teamwork to forge a unique creative environment to work in. Our business is the partnership with our clients. Together we realize the best value solution and a staff with full commitment, passion and dedication to fulfill all your expectations and needs and exceed them.

We provide state-of-the-art equipment, committed technical staff and comprehensive experience to plan, run and produce your show. HIT Media is a service-oriented company that combines creativity and experience you will need to make your next project a success.

For your event, HIT Media is dedicated to provide:

  • Content support, development and planning
  • Technical support, deployment and configuration
  • Set up, planning and media technology integration
  • Support, coordination, scheduling of technical operations

HIT Media is a full-service media production company with innovative solutions that focus on your message and deliver it with impact to your target audience. From the simplest project to the largest event production, we provide first class service. We are the first choice, not only because of our expertise and knowledge, but also because of our one-stop-service that includes pre-production, production, quality assurance, trained and creative staff, post production facilities, coordination, support and the ultimate new media deployment. HIT Media provides next generation service, delivering end-to-end quality solutions for all media and broadcast products and productions.

HIT Media specializes in creative video and audio applications for the live event, corporate, broadcast, tradeshow and touring industries. Our unprecedented level of customer service, technical expertise and project management combined with the latest cutting edge equipment ensure that you receive the most creative and cost effect solution specifically tailored to your needs.

Event Screen Rental Pricing

There are many different variables when renting a screen(s) for an event and while we know that it would be more convenient for us to publish an event screen rate card, we need to work with you to provide you with the best possible solution for your event and budget. We will provide you with a custom quote within 24 hours or less if you would please answer the following questions. Larger events or projects will require additional research and time but we will work with you to ensure that the quotation will be the best solution with options to meet your budget and timeframe. We look forward to your call at (408) 416-3997 or please send an email to

  1. The date(s) of your event?
  2. The location of the event? Street address if available or geographical location.
  3. How many people will be viewing the screen?
  4. How far/close do you expect the majority of your audience to be from the screen?
  5. What will be shown on the screen?
  6. Will you need HIT Media Services to provide multi-camera video production?
  7. Do you prefer a truss supported, ground supported, stage supported or truck or trailer-mounted screen system?
  8. What is the power situation going to be at your event? Is there a house tie-in for shore power or will we be able to run our generators?
  9. Will sponsorship ads be shown on the screens? Will they be inserted into the event broadcast?
  10. Will sponsorship banners be needed for the screens?
  11. Would you like to talk to HIT Media about sponsorship and advertising for the event?
  12. Will you need HIT Media Networks to provide monitor and control of the event broadcast and advertising?
  13. Will the event be local at the site or will you need uplink capabilities to multiple locations?
  14. Will you need HIT Media Networks to stream the event live on the Internet?
  15. Will you need HIT Media to provide creative stage design and blueprints for submission for local civic permits?
  16. Has a budget been determined for the event? HIT Media can assist in providing numbers for hardware, monitor and control, broadcasting, project management, creative design and production services.

Our Mission is your Message. 
The Message is our Medium.